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Our Services

Speech-Language Therapy 

Occupational Therapy 

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Our speech therapists provide a comprehensive evaluation and develop a treatment plan to meet the client and their families needs. Therapy sessions are designed around the treatment plan with ongoing adjustment made as the client meets their goals or new needs arise. For our young clients, therapy is play-based. Our goal is to be able to target specific areas while our friends are discovering new toys. As our clients approach school age, we begin to introduce table activities. Our pediatric clientele include speech and language delays, developmental and congenital disorders as well as feeding.  Our adult clients encompass aphasia, swallowing, and cognitive linguistic deficits secondary to stroke, TBI, and neurological disorders.

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OT is a fun learning environment for our kiddos! They enjoy vestibular activities on our swings during warm up for core strength, hand/eye coordination, and sensory integration. Sensory exploration is always a fun time, searching through a box of rice or beans for favorite small toys. Fine motor work is easily disguised with a variety of fun activities. Children love using the fun tweezers to pick up things throughout the room. Thera-putty can hide surprises for our friends to find.

Therapy Sessions

Opportunities for individual and group therapy sessions, available in-person and virtually!

Interested in teen social skills, we are looking for new members to join our virtual group on Wednesdays! 

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