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Meet Our Kiddos!

"My sons have been attending speech therapy at Frankly Communicating (Westminster location) for many years. During this time, I’ve watched them grow leaps and bounds with their communication skills. During Covid pandemic and virtual speech, I was astounded by their interactions with Ms. Heather and found myself listening in so that I could repeat strategies used during sessions with my boys! Since then, my long time wish for social skills therapy has come true and Ms. Heather, with the help of some really wonderful speech therapy interns, have put together a great group of teens to work together on complicated social interactions. They even planned and enjoyed a social outing to the National Aquarium in Baltimore! We are so pleased with the services provided by Frankly Communicating and there aren’t enough stars to give to show our appreciation for our boys’ continued success!"

Karen Jennings (mom of twin teens)

Claire Brooks, MI

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